Report: PC Version of ‘Watch Dogs’ Suffers Launch Day Issues

While Ubisoft's open world hacking game is getting fairly solid reviews out of the gate, several owners of the PC version of the game are saying that it has lots of problems with general crashes, sound issues, frame rate degradation, and issues with various graphical drivers from Nvidia. Naturally mileage may vary based on your PC specifications, but this report and another here detail in-depth a host of problems with the game crashing or not working properly.

But one familiar problem has also come up – Ubisoft's Uplay. The company's online DRM is causing problems for some PC gamers out of the gate. We have not independently confirmed if this is just an initial issue the first time a user runs the game or if this is a persistent problem after the DRM confirms the authenticity of the game.

Finally, there's an odd report on Motley Fool claiming that those pirating the game are getting hacked and their machines are being turned into Bitcoin mining slaves (see update below). Where this information comes from we're not sure.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Editor's Note: Our readers have come to the rescue on the "bitcoin mining" part of the story. In the comments Papa Midnight and Dorth Lous note that a fake release of Watch Dogs on the Torrents is installing "a Litecoin (LTC) miner." Thanks guys!

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