Retail PC Version of ‘Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition’ Will Lose DLC

The PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition will start using Steamworks on May 30, ahead of a rumored shutdown of Games of Windows Live. While that's good news to anyone who has used GFWL inside Steam (it's a horrible experience all around), there's some bad news for those who purchased the physical disc version of the game: they are going to lose access to their DLC.

This is mainly because the retail disc version of the game relies heavily on GFWL. Those who bought DLC through GFWL won't be able to transfer that content to the new Steamworks-based version.

Capcom says GFWL owners can redeem a new Steamworks version of the game by activating their product codes on Steam.

Capcom also notes that the GFWL version will stay active but will lose online services following the transition to Steamworks later this week. Those who bought the game via Steam in the first place will receive the new version featuring Steamworks automatically.

Source: Joystiq by way of Masked Pixelante

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