Nvidia Rebuffs AMD Accusations on ‘GameWorks’ Toolset

Graphics hardware maker Nvidia is responding to accusations by rival AMD that its new GameWorks toolset interferes with the ability of game developers to optimize their products for AMD graphics hardware. Last week Robert Hallock, AMD's head of technical communications, software and technologies made the allegations in regard to Watch Dogs.

"Gameworks represents a clear and present threat to gamers by deliberately crippling performance on AMD products (40 percent of the market) to widen the margin in favor of NVIDIA products," Hallock told Forbes last week. "Participation in the Gameworks program often precludes the developer from accepting AMD suggestions that would improve performance directly in the game code-the most desirable form of optimization."

Speaking to Forbes, Cem Cebenoyan, Nvidia's director of engineering and developer technology, said that AMD's accusations are "mysterious" and that its toolset does not stop anyone from getting access to code. Further, he says that there's no agreement in place to stop AMD from communicating with developers who use the toolset.

"I've heard that before from AMD and it's a little mysterious to me," he said. "We don't and we never have restricted anyone from getting access as part of our agreements. Not with Watch Dogs and not with any other titles."

"Our agreements focus on interesting things we're going to do together to improve the experience for all PC gamers and of course for Nvidia customers," he continued. "We don't have anything in there restricting anyone from accessing source code or binaries. Developers are free to give builds out to whoever they want. It's their product."

Finally, Cebenoyan made clear that nothing in the GameWorks tools limit AMD performance, and that Nvidia would never stop a company like Ubisoft from making changes that would allow a title to work better with AMD hardware.

"I can tell you that the deals that we do, and the GameWorks agreements, don't have anything to do with restricting anyone's access to builds."

Source: GII

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