Poll Results: Google Might Buy Twitch

Last week we asked our readers, "Google Might Buy Twitch. Your Thoughts?" A third of you said that it will be business as usual at Twitch if it gets bought out by YouTube/Google – with a lot more copyright claims and DMCA takedown notices. Around 33 percent think that Twitch will be strongly affected by a YouTube buyout and that YouTube would bring its horrible system for dealing with copyright claims to the popular streaming service.

Around 27 percent said that a buyout means that Twitch is doomed. Around 26 of you indicated that you don't care what happens, ten percent of you believe there will be very few changes at Twitch or that those changes will prove to be negligible in the grand scheme of things, and four percent said that a buyout could only bring good things to Twitch.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. A new poll, Is Forcing a Revenue Split With Let's Players in Nintendo's Best Interest? is already up if you are interested in sounding off on Nintendo's new and questionable YouTube affiliate program…

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