EFF Asks The Internet to Join Them for ‘Reset The Net’

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is hosting a special event on June 5 called Reset The Net. The Internet rights group is urging the community to join it for a special event to combat the NSA's continued intrusion into our private lives online through its vast surveillance and data collection programs.

June 5 is an important date, because it represents the one-year anniversary of the first documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

"While EFF has been fighting NSA surveillance for years, 2013 marked a new chapter in our battle against mass spying," the group wrote in a call-to-action alert. "The documents made it clear to everyone why we care so much, and why they should too."

The EFF has joined with "dozens of other organizations: in calling for a day of action to Reset the Net. On June 5th, The EFF's Reset the Net is asking everyone to install free software tools that are designed to protect privacy on a computer or a mobile device. Reset the Net is also calling on websites and developers to add surveillance resistant features, like HTTPS and forward secrecy.

You can get involved by visiting www.eff.org.

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