John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality

June 2, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

While the clip is only 42 seconds long, John Oliver's Last Week Tonight show on HBO explains net neutrality better than anyone has at the FCC. The clip is a response to news that the FCC has approved a draft change to net neutrality that would allow ISPs to charge content providers for faster and better access to their customers.

Along with the FCC proposal, the agency also put the bill out for public comment about finding a way to classify broadband under Title II of the Telecommunications act - or through some other means within the confines of current regulations.

You can watch the clip to your left,  on YouTube or - as Technogeek points out - you can catch the full clip here.

For more information on John, Oliver's show, visit

If you want to give the FCC or your elected representative a piece of your mind about net neutrality, we encourage you to visit the ECA's Take Action page.


Re: John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality

The show actually has quite a significant segment on it, but as it's HBO, the whole thing is only available to subscribers (and pirates). If anyone here is a subscriber, I recommend you check it out.

EDIT: Didn't see technogeek's comment before I posted this. Apparently it's up on Youtube, at least for now. Check it out soon in case HBO takes it down at some point.

Re: John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality

It's on the official Last Week Tonight channel, so while they might still take it down, it'll probably be a while. I mean, the death penalty segment from their second episode is still available.

Re: John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality

The full segment from the episode can be viewed here:

It's 13 minutes long, but it's worth watching.

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