Poll Results: Is Forcing a Revenue Split With Let’s Players in Nintendo’s Best Interest?

Last week we asked readers, "Is Forcing a Revenue Split With Let's Players in Nintendo's Best Interest?" A majority of the votes cast said that this latest move by Nintendo to get a cut of the revenues Let's Play video creators get from YouTube will bite them in the ass at some point down the road.

Around 69 thought Nintendo's announcement was really, really bad news. Around 18 percent said that they didn't care but it is not legal, and 12 percent said that it was a good idea because "Nintendo needs to make money any way it can" at this point.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. Look for a new one later in the week!

There's some discussion of the poll in Episode 100 of Super Podcast Action Committee if you didn't catch it when it was recorded live on Friday.

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