Unreal Tournament 3, STALKER Get Updates to Deal With GameSpy Shutdown

June 2, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Epic Games and former GSC Game World developers have released updates to deal with Glu Mobile shutting down GameSpy Technologies' multiplayer services. Epic Games has released a new executable replacement file that redirects online play requests to a new in-house master server. The fix, according to Epic Games, works with both the retail version of the game and the Steam version, though players who want to use the new multiplayer in the game will have to re-register their usernames.

Meanwhile, a handful of former developers from GSC Game World have launched a dedicated sever for the Stalker series. They have also released a series of patches that add updated multiplayer clients for such GSC Game World titles as Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, and Call of Pripyat. Steam players will receive all needed updates automatically.

Source: Joystiq


Re: Unreal Tournament 3, STALKER Get Updates to Deal With ...

Just picked up the whole unreal pack off steam. Half way done with my first weapon mod(in years) too boot for UT3.

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