Swedish Government’s ‘Democreativity’ Reveals First Round of Games

Swedish project Democreativity is getting ready to release the first round of games based on suggestions from the Internet community around the world. Back in March the Swedish government launched a web site called Democreativity, with the goal of crowd sourcing game ideas and elevating traditional and non-traditional ideas in the gaming space including democracy, creativity, and diversity. The site is part of a initiative created by Visit Sweden, the Swedish Institute, and Business Sweden in conjunction with that country’s video games industry.

This week, on the Swedish national day – June 6th, the first fruits of this initiative will be presented on Democreativity.com. All of the games were produced by game development students at the Swedish University of Skövde who have used the suggestions on the site as inspiration. Some common denominators are that many gamers requested games that focus not on winning but exploration and collaboration, and those are featured prominently in the finished games.

You can check out trailers from three of the games now: Welcome Back, Räv!, and Lunch Lady Simulator.

Welcome Back focuses on being a female journalist who enters a house to look for a missing girl. Räv (or "Fox" in English) is a game set in a dystopian future that explores the new world through the eyes of a little boy and his companion, a fox made of shadows. In Lunch Lady Simulator, players can work together to control a pair of hands serving food.

"We have reached a point in the evolution of the gaming industry where we are evaluating the fundamental definition of a game. Where does it end? Where does it start? And where is it taking place? There is a fascinating balance between games with a purpose and games without this. We can see that exploring and fun are two key concepts at the heart of a game, but pretty much everything else is open to debate," says Per Strömbäck, spokesperson for the Swedish Games Industry and member of the Democreativity advisory board.

All of the games are available at Democreativity.com.

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