‘Legend of Grimrock 2’ Won’t be on Steam Early Access

A game like Legend of Grimrock 2, the old-school first-person dungeon crawler RPG sequel from Almost Human, would have no problem garnering support as an early access title on Steam, but the developer says it is not interested in releasing the game in that space.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the studio says that it is "old fashioned" and wants to release a final polished game when the development cycle is over.

"We are kind of old-fashioned and want to release the game in a polished condition, so Steam Early Access is not planned," said the company. "We are going to have preorders though. Which is respectable. As much as I feel like paid alphas have their place, some more than others, I'm ideally always looking to play a game when it is at its best — and that sentiment isn't exactly compatible with the early-access model."

Almost Human claims that development on Legend of Grimrock 2 has reached the point where the title can be played from beginning to end and all the planned features are implemented. The company will spend the remainder of the game's development cycle on polish and balancing gameplay, among other tasks.

The game is scheduled for release on PC later this year.

This story is particularly interesting in light of Valve's recent update to the official FAQ for "Early Access," where it added a disclaimer that games bought through the special service within Steam "might never be finished."

Source: Destructoid

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