Public Responds Negatively to FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal

The battle for net neutrality is heating up, as the Federal Communications Commission finds that the public's opinion seems to be strongly against the agency's plans to allow ISPs to charge online content providers for faster access to its customers.

Detailed in this Politico report, most people taking the time to issue comments to the FCC on its planned net neutrality changes are against it, and against giving ISPs any more power than they already have. Roughly 69,000 people have written to the FCC so far about its proposed open Internet rules, according to Politico.

And it seems like all sides hate this new proposal from Chairman Tom Wheeler. Consumers hate it because they feel that ISPs already have too much power over Internet traffic, while companies think that new rules about regulating ISPs like phone companies is a bad idea. Rights groups hate it because it goes against the core tenets of net neutrality and lawmakers on both sides of the issue of net neutrality are publicly commenting on how much of a bad idea Wheeler's proposal is.

The response has been pretty overwhelming for the FCC. The agency's online system for public comments went down on Monday, thanks in part to comedian John Oliver, who urged viewers of his HBO show to contact the agency. It marked the latest, most high-profile indication yet that Wheeler's net neutrality proposal had struck a nerve in America.

Politico has a number of comments from everyday citizens to the FCC it highlighted collected here.

If you would like the let your voice be heard on this important topic, then check out the ECA's Action Alert page.

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