Updated: Activision Job Listing Seeks ‘Bullshot’ Artist

Update: A rep. for Activision rightly points out that the source for this story is so incredibly old that dinosaurs were still roaming the earth. We offer our apologies to Activision and our readers for the mistake and for digging up the past. If you look up "bullshit" in the Urban Dictionary it might link back to this story. Again, our sincerest apologies. – ed.

Original Story: A "bullshot" is a colorful term (see the Urban Dictionary) for a screenshot from an upcoming game released by publisher's that might not represent the product in its current state of development. Publishers are often accused of "touching up screenshots" to make their games look better, but companies rarely ever acknowledge that they engage in such tactics. Well, according to this IGN report, Activision was on the hunt for an "Art Services Screenshot Associate" to do that kind of questionable work.

In a Gamasutra job listing (which has since been removed) posted by Activision, the company describes the position as follows:

"The Art Services Screenshot Associate provides support services to all engaged departments: PR, Marketing, Production and development studios to produce high-quality screenshots, model renders and other art assets. Typical end use will include screenshots for editorial, packaging, advertising, manuals and more, as needed."

Responsibilities of the position include performing "advanced retouching of screenshots and teach[ing] skills to others as needed."

Hopefully they filled the position because E3 is next week!

Activision has not publicly commented on this story from IGN.

Source: IGN

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