Ubisoft, NIS America, and OUYA Support GaymerX

Three major game publishers are showing their support for the LGBTQ gaming community by taking part in this year's GaymerX convection, taking place July 11 – 13 in San Francisco. Ubisoft, NIS America, and console maker OUYA will take part in the second annual event that celebrates LGBTQ geek and gaming culture. All three companies will be present at this year's event and will take part in panels, workshops, events, and goodies for attendees.

"We believe that gamers are just as interested in a company’s values as they are with its games," said Rich Kubiszewski, Vice President of Operations, Ubisoft. "At Ubisoft, we create an inclusive work culture in which diversity is valued and promoted. As proud citizens of San Francisco and the gaming community, we are extremely happy to be a part of GaymerX this year."

"GaymerX is very much like OUYA," Julie Uhrman, CEO and Founder of OUYA added. "Supporting an open and inclusive environment for gamers and developers to share and collaborate. We're very excited to be participating in this year's event."

"It's a big deal to see these companies supporting GaymerX. As someone in the LGBTQ spectrum, it has been very disheartening seeing the lack of support gaming companies have given towards our community in the past, said Toni Rocca, President of GaymerX.

The three companies join BioWare, IndieCade, Cards Against Humanity and other organizations that have pledged their support for this year's event.

Over 2,300 people attended the debut convention in 2013. This year's event promises a bigger venue and an extra day of programming. GaymerX is run by MidBoss, LLC which also produced the documentary Gaming In Color and the upcoming cyberpunk adventure game "Read Only Memories" for the PC, Mac and OUYA systems.

For more information on GaymerX 2014, check out www.gaymerx.com.

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