EA E3 Press Briefing Report

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson opened the EA E3 press conference by showing off Aliens Isolation – a new shooter set in the Aliens universe (a universe that no one seems to be able to make a decent game in) – and the new Star Wars Battlefront game. The company didn't show off any live demo play throughs during the show, instead opting to offer behind-the-scenes documentary style vignettes and loads of trailers.

EA then showed some extensive clips of BioWare's Dragon Age Inquisition, including the different ways you can play the game – in real-time or through a top-down tactical commander mode that could be paused.

Aaryn Flyn of BioWare introduced a behind-the-scenes video with the Mass Effect development team and the Edmonton team, who are working on a new IP.

Rachael Franklin introduced The Sims 4, which is set for release Sept 2. She showed off how the emotional make-up and personality of the Sim players create affects everything and everyone around you in your virtual world.

Next a clip of Bruce Lee talking philosophy leads into the latest UFC game. The next clip shows various UFC fighters talking about how Lee, who is in the game, influenced the sports of MMA. This was followed by a video introduced by the game's creative director Brian Hayes showing off a pre-recorded demo of Bruce Lee battling BJ Penn in the new game. The new UFC game releases next week.

Dean Richards, EA Studio General Manager, talks up NHL 15 for PS4 and Xbox One, followed by a video featuring developers from EA Canada and some gameplay on the ice.

Patrick Soderlund of EA Studios introduces Criterion Games' newest game, which is still very early in its development cycle. The game from the studio responsible for Burnout series, features fast-paced racing using ATVs, helicopters, planes, jet skis, etc. They see it is the "biggest game they have ever made" and was inspired by POV action films on YouTube.

Cam Weber from EA Sports highlighted Tiburon's PGA Tour. It is using the Frostbite 3 engine and will offer real-world and fantasy courses. The game is set for release next Spring.

Next EA highlighted how Madden NFL 15, which releases in August, will feature a host of improvements including better visuals, and improvements to playing defense including an improved presentation camera, more control when locked in a block and more tackles. The game will also feature hundreds of new player emotions and reactions paired with new dramatic presentation camera

Next some Dawngate clips interspersed a video talking with the developers about this upcoming MOBA from EA.

Andrew Wilson returns to the stage to introduce a behind-the-scenes video with Dice talking about the next Mirror's Edge game and how more back-story on Faith will compliment improved gameplay mechanics and a tighter and faster paced combat system.

Next they talked about how FIFA 15 improves the emotional elements of the game, reinvents man-to-man battles, visuals and overall matchday presentations.

But the game that will probably be talked about most is Visceral's Battlefield Hardline, a game that pits law enforcement against criminals. The game is sure to raise the ire of law enforcement and politicians who will ultimately claim that it teaches players how to kill police in the commission of a crime.

But truth be told, Hardline looks and plays (from what we saw) like a Battlefield game, focusing on the core values of tight multiplayer team play using vehicles and open environments and highly destructible terrain elements. EA showed off a 32 player "Heist Mode," switching back and forth between the two warring sides.

Multiplayer aside, EA promises that the campaign will feature story telling that is inspired by TV crime dramas. EA's single-player campaigns for Battlefield games are often ignored by players who are only interested in jumping right into multiplayer – unless there's some type of incentive tied into playing it.

EA announced a beta sign-up for Battlefield Hardline launching today at www.battlefield.com, though by the time you read this EA will likely have hit its quota for sign-ups already. PS4 Battlefield 4 owners can play it on signing into the game and looking for the download link to grab the beta. Chances are that any available spots in the beta have already been filled.

At the end of EA's press conference, it was obvious that this is the year of sequels and established franchises, though there were a few exceptions. The game that will most likely get the most attention will be Hardline, mainly because of its cops v. robbers gameplay that will be frowned upon by people outside gaming circles.

Expect to hear more about all these games this week during E3 – which officially opens tomorrow in Los Angeles…


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