Leland Yee Comes in Third in California Secretary of State Democratic Primary

Despite being indicted on corruption charges for allegedly taking bribes and for attempting to facilitate an international gun deal, suspended California senator Leland Yee (D – San Francisco) managed to come in third in the Democratic primary for Secretary of State last week. As the San Jose Mercury News political blog points out, it has to suck to come in behind a guy who has been indicted on several charges.

So far, 287,590 votes have been counted for Yee, a figure that will grow a little more as state election officials count absentee and provisional ballots.

So why did Californians vote for a guy who dropped out of the race and who faces a litany of federal charges? The San Jose Mercury News chalks it up to some voters having a perverse sense of humor, that sometimes bad publicity is good publicity (name recognition on the ballot), voters' being oblivious to news, and that some voters do not believe that the charges against Yee are true.

Whatever the reasons for Yee getting so many votes it's clear that ultimately the majority of voters in the state have rejected him for the job.

Source: San Jose Mercury News

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