ESA Hints That E3 Could Move From LA in 2016

June 10, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Once again the Entertainment Software Association is hinting that it may very well end its relationship with the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Electronic Entertainment Expo if the venue's ongoing construction issues are not resolved.

The event has been held at the venue for a long time, but over the last several years the ESA has voiced concerns that its construction issues are making it difficult to continue hosting the annual event. The contract for E3 ends in 2015, and if the venue can't sort its issues out soon, the ESA may start looking elsewhere for a new venue, according to CNBC. The last time the ESA talked about moving to another venue was in 2012.

"E3 is a world class show that deserves a world class venue," said Michael Gallagher at a media dinner Sunday night. "The Los Angeles Convention Center is no longer a top-tier property."

Gallagher said the ESA will need to find a new venue for the 2016 show soon, because of the time it takes to organize E3 in advance.

"The time to make this decision is relatively short," he said. "We'll consider all cities that can improve the experience," he said.

Gallagher did not indicate what other cities the trade group that represent the video games industry is looking at but did say that the ESA is in talks with two venues in the greater LA area. Industry insiders familiar with the ESA's plans tell CNBC that that Chicago almost won E3 in the last round of negotiations and that San Francisco, New York and New Orleans were among the other candidates.

E3 has been held in LA for 17 of the last 19 years.

Source: CNBC

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Re: ESA Hints That E3 Could Move From LA in 2016

They Should Move it to the Pennsylvania Convention Center(Philadelphia) in 2016

Philadelphia could actually hold a Big event like E3

not to mention the Wells fargo Center(which could be used for either nintendo or microsoft's presser, Kimmel Center(Ubisoft or Sony's),Merriam theater at the UAPHI(Microsoft, Nintendo or sony), Walnut street theater(any one of the 5) and Trenton based Sun Center(Sony Presser or EA presser) could be a good idea to use for press conference

America has just became its own version of the Jerry Springer Show after a bizarre moment in Florida involving a carnival worker.

Re: ESA Hints That E3 Could Move From LA in 2016

Kinda wonder why E3 wasn't in Washington, since a lot of game and tech devs are in Seattle and Redmond area. Then again, Silicon Valley is in California. Ah well.

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Re: ESA Hints That E3 Could Move From LA in 2016

Move it back to Atlanta...then you can know how I feel distance wise as it is for most shows lol :p

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Re: ESA Hints That E3 Could Move From LA in 2016

Or get rid of it. the conferences are streamed, and you have events like pax and gamescom to play games. Most of this years biggest announcements happened before E3 started.

Re: ESA Hints That E3 Could Move From LA in 2016

They should move it to Oklahoma. There is plenty of space here for it. Then I might be able to actually go to one.

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