John Stossel Tackles Videogame Violence and Jack Thompson in a Show About ‘Popular Nonsense’

In the latest episode of Stossel, Libertarian host John Stossel tackles what he views as "Popular Nonsense" including Hollywood's use of global warming as themes in movies, income inequality, and video game violence causing real-world violence. At around the 31:14 mark in this YouTube video of the show Stossel talks about violent video games and is joined by disbarred Florida attorney and long-time anti-video game critic Jack Thompson.

We'll let the segment speak for itself, but it's the same old same old from Thompson about how video games turn people into trained killers. If ever there was a way of thinking about games that could be called nonsense, this is the epitome of it. Enjoy a blast from the past.

Thanks to Avalongod for pointing this out. The show originally aired last Sunday on Fox Business.

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