Sony E3 Press Conference Addendums: Glacier White PS4 and PlayStation Now Pricing

After last night's press conference Sony released further information on the Glacier White PlayStation 4 and pricing on games available on its PlayStation Now service. Sony said that the special Glacier White edition of the 500GB PS4 console that will be bundled with Bungie's Destiny will cost $449. It will also come with a glacier white DualShock 4 controller, a copy of Destiny and a 30-day PlayStation Plus voucher.

The PS4 in "Glacier White" will also be sold separately in Europe for €399. The DualShock 4 controller in "Glacier White" and "Urban Camouflage" will be available for US$59/ €59 each. The special edition bundle will be released in September.

Last night Sony announced that a beta for PlayStation Now, its streaming game service, would launch in parts of Canada and the United States on July 31. At the time it did not offer any details on pricing for games. A subsequent press release following the E3 press event later revealed that game rentals on the service would be "priced as low as $2.99," while most games will fall in the $3 – $20 range.

The beta will launch with over a 100 titles. Those concerned about pricing should note that Sony will ultimately leave pricing options in the hands of publishers and developers and that it plans to offer "subscription options in the future."

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