GameStop Says $399 Xbox One Seeing Brisk Sales in First Days of Availability at Retail

Since video game retailer have been offering the Xbox One without the Kinect motion sensing device, the system has been flying off store shelves, according to the retailer. Microsoft began offering the new SKU at retail outlets through North America this week.

Speaking to GameSpot, GameStop senior vice president of merchandising Bob Puzon said that the company is seeing a dramatic increase in sales for the system and called it a "huge opportunity" for the retailer.

"They went on sale in GameStop yesterday; these things started to fly off the shelves," senior vice president of merchandising Bob Puzon told GameSpot. "It's a huge win and a huge opportunity for us."

Puzon also noted that the original $499 Xbox One is still "very vibrant" for the retailer.

Microsoft announced the unbundling of the Kinect from the Xbox One earlier in the month, much to the delight of consumers who have not bought an Xbox One system. Why? Because it knocked $100 off the price tag.

GameStop did not offer any specific details on just how many Xbox Ones had sold since it was introduced in its stores this week.

Source: CVG

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