Poll Results: Who Will Have the Biggest Gaffe During Its E3 Presentation?

Last week we asked our readers, Who Will Have the Biggest Gaffe During Its E3 Presentation? A slight majority of those who voted believed that Microsoft would have the most mistakes during its Xbox E3 press event that took place on Monday.

Around 30 percent said Microsoft would screw up during its live E3 press event, while 25 percent figured that EA would screw something up, and 23 percent predicted that Ubisoft would make themselves look foolish in front of the entire gaming universe. Around 17 percent beloved Nintendo would eff something up during its pre-recorded Nintendo Direct event, and six percent thought Sony would end up with egg on its face.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. A new one is already up and waiting for your vote!

For a more in-depth discussion on last week's poll check out the latest episode of Super Podcast Action Committee.

Surprisingly there were very few – if any – mess-ups during the six major press events earlier in the week.

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