Baird Equity Research Highlights E3 Highs For Industry’s Biggest Players

Investment research firm Baird Equity Research has released a report related to E3, providing predications and opinions on the biggest players. One of the more interesting predictions is that Sony will preload digital copies of Bungie's Destiny and Blizzard's Diablo III beginning this fall. The firm says that this will be an optional thing for consumers. This "should drive higher sell-through for Activision, but at the cost of retail sales," the firm notes.

Electronic Arts is on track to generate "further margin expansion and market share with a solid F2015 lineup followed up by a potentially blockbuster FY2016 with the release of a new "Star Wars game and Battlefield sequel," according to the firm.

Take-Two has "good visibility for F2015 financial targets" due to GTA V on new platforms and Evolve, while Microsoft is viewed as humble for decoupling Kinect and for presenting core games, according to Baird.

GameStop should have year-over-year growth with the help of new software and the growing sales of the $399 Xbox One.

Sony's cloud-based game streaming service, PS Now, was the most important development for the company, according to Baird.

Finally, Baird says that Zynga "remains upbeat that the company's turnaround and pivot towards Mobile platforms are on track, with a robust pipeline of new games."

You can learn more about the firm here.

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