Far Cry 4 Developer Takes Heat for No Female Character Options in Multiplayer Coop Mode

In another interview with Polygon about female character options, this time in Far Cry 4, another Ubisoft employee blamed an increased work load for the game not featuring more options. Far Cry 4 game director Alex Hutchinson said that the team were "inches away" from allowing players to choose between a man or woman co-op buddy in the upcoming shooter's multiplayer… but it never materialized.

Why? Hutchinson said it was "purely a workload issue." The team didn't have a "female reader for the character" at its disposal, nor did it have "all the animations in place."

He went on to say that his team did its best and there's no big switch you can pull to make it happen.

The developers working on Assassin's Creed: Unity used a similar excuse earlier in the week, but a former AC developer, Chris Cooper said that it would take him one or two days of work to create female models…

The response(s) from Ubisoft have inspired a twitter hashtag: #womenaretoohardtoanimate. The hashtag is to highlight the fact that Ubisoft's answers for both of these games not offering female player character options may be disingenuous…

Source: Kotaku by way of Andrew Eisen.

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