MOCAtv Launches ‘Art in Video Games Los Angeles’ Documentary Web Series

MOCAtv has launched "Art in Video Games Los Angeles," a new documentary series that focuses on the games culture and artists in Los Angeles. The series includes interviews with industry veterans like Tracy Fullerton, Richard Lemarch, Sam Roberts, Stephanie Barish, and also profiles several figures from the new school of game artists, including Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen (Journey), Ian Dallas (The Unfinished Swan), and Mark Essen (Nidhogg). The teaser of the series is now available online and new episodes of the 13-part series will be released on MOCAtv starting on June 18th.

"Whilst the series is by no means comprehensive, MOCAtv is thrilled to be shining a light on this amazing local community of academics, game makers and thinkers. Art in Video Games Los Angeles captures the emerging video game culture and we hope to continue documenting this community over time," said Emma Reeves, MOCAtv’s Creative Director.

MOCAtv is the contemporary art video channel on YouTube, developed as a digital extension of the education and exhibition programming of MOCA. You can check the channel out here.

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