Natsume ‘Considering’ Same-Sex Marriages for Future ‘Harvest Moon’ Games

Marriage has always been an important part of the Harvest Moon series, but has remained "traditional" since the game's launch so many "moons ago." Speaking to Joystiq Natsume's Graham Markay, Vice President of Operations; and Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume indicated that Nastume is looking into the issue very closely and are listening to what fans of the popular and long-running farming sim-RPG want.

"It's obviously something that we're going to look into as we continue the Harvest Moon series," said Markay. "We're going to look into all aspects of it."

"We always listen very carefully to fans' voices," Maekawa said. "Fan voices, media voices. We know what the fans are looking for. We are always carefully listening to fans' voices."

Joystiq's report indicates that Maekawa was being very careful in parsing his words on this subject.

We'll see if the next game after – Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, which releases this fall on 3DS – has same-sex marriages or not, or if Natsume's top executives were just blowing smoke to placate a journalist.

Source: Joystiq by way Andrew Eisen

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