Nordic Games Owns 'THQ' Trademark

June 13, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Nordic Games wants a recognizable name to put its brand under, and seeing that many of its new brands were bought during the THQ bankruptcy auction, it only makes sense that the publisher would snap up the actual company. Nordic Games says it has every intention of bringing back the THQ name as a label - mostly so they can stop hearing about how nobody knows who they are.

"It was kind of surprise to some industry veterans and players that we were the winner of the auction of the THQ titles," Nordic Games general manager Klemens Kruezer told Polygon. "The challenging fact is nobody has ever heard about Nordic Games before [the THQ auction]. There were so many articles with the headlines 'Who the f*** is Nordic Games?' [that] we said, 'Okay they were right.'"

Kruezer goes on to say that his company has bought the THQ trademark and will put its games under that label. Obviously the games it bought from THQ - Darksiders and Red Faction - will be a perfect fit.

Source: Eurogamer

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Re: Nordic Games Owns 'THQ' Trademark

Is there any real value under the THQ brand at this point?

Re: Nordic Games Owns 'THQ' Trademark

Recognition as a big player. I wouldn't be surprised a lot of people know (vaguely) of them, yet don't know they went under. And now, they are again afloat*, hence, for most, it'll just be one of those big AAA company for which the name evokes familiarity.

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