‘Game Accessibility Guidelines’ Wins FCC Award

A web site dedicated to helping game developers include accessibility options for disabled players into their games has been honored by the FCC's Accessibility and Innovation Initiative. The site, "Game Accessibility Guidelines" (www.gameaccessibilityguidelines.com), was launched in Sept. of 2012 and has helped bring accessibility options to games of all shapes and sizes – from AAA titles to indie offerings.

The mission statement of the site is to teach developers how important it is to include options for disabled players into their games. Contributors to the website over the years include Barrie Ellis, director at OneSwitch.org.uk; Gareth Ford-Williams, head of accessibility at the BBC; and Lynsey Graham, a game designer at Sega.

The website received the Chairman's Award for Advancement in Accessibility from the Federal Communications Commission this week at the M:Enabling conference. According to the FCC, over 20 percent of players have some form of disability.

Source: Gamasutra

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    Sora-Chan says:

    It's (sadly) amazing how many games with VO that don't come with subtitles. As for colorblind, I can name one game that definitely needs it, and I'm not even colorblind. Strike Suit Zero: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sorahjort/screenshot/884099481798747121

    They have red indicators for enemy forces, standard right? But then they go and create areas where the background is basically just red. I'm pretty sure it's a good example for people who aren't colorblind to know what it's like to be colorblind playing a game.

    On a side note, while my console gaming pool has been quite small in the past 10 years, but from what I've seen and what I keep hearing, there really needs to be the option to remap controls, preferably at a console level to have a universal solution.

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    Scott1701c says:

    This is very good news. I have known, people in the past, who were color blind and unable to play certain games. Keep an eye out for primary colors in games, then think what would happen if they looked the same shade of grey. (though, one man my father knew could tell colors based on the shade of grey, but he had 50 years of practice and still had trouble).

    Then there are Deaf people. Try and play Fallout 3 on mute, and see how long you live (If you are lucky you might make it to DC. I see no easy way to get through the DC ruins as there would be too many mutants).

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