‘Peggle’ is ‘On The House’

EA's "On The House" free PC game giveaway for the month is PopCap's popular puzzler game Peggle. To get the free game you'll need to have an Origin account, of course. To get it you'll need to login to Origin and find it in the "On The House" promotional section.

Peggle is the fourth free game that EA has given away to Origin users since the free games promotion launched back in March. Previous titles included Dead Space, Battlefield 3 and Plants vs. Zombies. You can learn more here.

Of course, EA is smart enough to know that giving away free stuff is a great way to get people to install its multiplayer game client, even if it has been criticized for containing a DRM layer.

EA did something similar with its Humble Origin Bundle, where a majority of the games were available on Origin. A handful of the biggest titles in the bundle required Origin in order to play. All of this leads to users (who spent millions on the bundle) installing the Origin client. To its credit, the company did not take any of the proceeds from its bundle offering, instead giving one-hundred percent of its profits to charity.

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