Research: ‘Polite’ Female and ‘Rude’ Male Gamers Accepted Most in Online Games

A study of online Call of Duty players found that women who sent out friend requests were more likely to be accepted if they behaved in polite and positive manner during play. Those women who talked trash during matches were less likely to have a friend request accepted. On the flip side, males who talked trash during online play sessions were more likely to have a friend request accepted than those who were polite or remained quiet during a match.

The data comes from a field experiment where researchers used gender specific names to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online on PlayStation 3. Researchers played some of these gender-named accounts in both aggressive and non-aggressive ways.

The study is part of the Computers in Human Behavior series of research papers.

"We found support for the hypothesis that, in general, women would gain more compliance with friend requests than men," noted the research report. "We also found support for the hypothesis that women making positive utterances would gain more compliance with friend requests than women making negative utterances, whereas men making negative utterances would gain more compliance with friend requests than men making positive utterances.

"Sex role stereotyping by players in first-person shooter games and other online gaming environments may encourage a social environment that marginalizes and alienates female players. The anonymity of online games may engender endorsement of group-consistent attitudes and amplification of social stereotyping."

Source: Gamasutra by way of Polygon

"Teens playing videogames," photo © 2013, 2014, Shutterstock. Used under license.

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    Neeneko says:

    This really does not surprise me.

    While people are talking about how they focused on a cesspit, this pattern plays out in other less dramatic places rather frequently.  A while back there was an experiment where nearly identical posts were done with male and female names and found the same basic thing, polite submissive behavior for women and aggressive dominant behavior for men was generally rewarded, while people who failed to live up to their gender roles were treated more critically.

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    -Jes- says:

    Somehow, I just can't shake the feeling that this study has little relevance the second you step outside of the undisputed Cesspit that is playing a "Mordewn Tacktikewl Shewtah" on a console.

    Or for that matter, some feminazi/mens' circlejerk Reddit or, heaven forbid, a random Twitch channel. *shudder*

    I mean, if you're actively seeking out the slums of the internet, then you shouldn't be surprised of the stink that goes with them.

  3. 0
    Papa Midnight says:

    If anyone would like to see a perfect example of hoard mentality where bad manners are praised, and those who attempt to act rationally or politely are ostracised, hop into a Twitch chat for a few minutes – especially during a major tournament. Trolls are celebrated, and polite or neutral players are chastised if not flat out banned.

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