Twelve Million Users Visited Twitch During E3 Week

A new blog post from Twitch reveals that its deal with the ESA to live-stream E3 Expo press conferences (and other content) was a smashing success for the company.

"E3 2014 was an event for the history books," the company wrote in a blog post today. "On Monday, June 9 (press conference day), Twitch broke a single day unique viewer record with 5.9M people tuning into the site for all the video game goodness. See below for other fun stats. We’ll see you next year, same Twitch time, same Twitch channel(s)."

Twitch also released an infographic, which shows that on the first day of broadcasting they had a site-wide viewership of 5.9 million unique viewers, with 12 million unique visitors visiting the site and watching streams during the entire four days of E3.

The service has 405,000 concurrent users watching the E3 2014 live stream at once during the busiest part of the week, beating past records for concurrent viewership.

Twitch also revealed that it broke two Guinness World Records: most participants on a single-player online video game (1,165,140 users participating in Twitch Plays Pokémon Red) and the most concurrent viewers for a video game live streaming service (826,778 on March 15, 2014).

Source: GameSided

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