Variance Films to Distribute ‘Video Games: The Movie’

Variance Films, the distribution arm of Amplify, has acquired director Jeremy Snead’s "Video Games: The Movie" documentary. The deal will see the film have a July 18 theatrical release in the U.S. and Canada, according to Variety. The movie’s big screen launch will coincide with the July 15 release on iTunes and other digital outlets.

The documentary chronicles the rise of videogames from the 8-bit era to the multibillion-dollar industry it has become. The film is narrated by Sean Astin, and includes interviews with Braff, Chris Hardwick, Wil Wheaton, Nolan Bushnell and Hideo Kojima. Snead and former Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski are producing the documentary, with Zach Braff on board as exec producer.

You can check out a clip from the film to your left.

Source: Variety

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