2014 Jennifer Ann’s Group Game Jam Taking Place in Atlanta and Moscow This Year

June 18, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Teen dating violence prevention group Jennifer Ann’s Group announced today that artists, game designers, and developers in Atlanta and Moscow will take part in the 2014 Jennifer Ann’s Group Game Jam the weekend of June 20th – 22nd, 2014. The 2014 Jennifer Ann’s Group Game Jam charges participants with creating games that help teenagers deal with emotional health, wellness issues, and issues related to teen dating violence.

Since 2008 Jennifer Ann’s Group has produced video games to prevent teen dating violence. The 2014 Jennifer Ann’s Group Game Jam is the charity’s first game jam and will be working with the participants to develop video games to assist adolescents with issues like bullying, digital abuse, depression, dating violence, and suicide prevention.

The game jam will be held at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) in metro Atlanta and Teplitsa of Social Technologies in Moscow. The teams will collaborate via Skype with leading experts on emotional health issues and to discuss game design ideas during the 48 hours of the game jam. The event will kick off 6PM on June 20th at SPSU.

Jennifer Ann’s Group will begin the game jam with an announcement of the winners of their annual game design challenge which began earlier this year on February 15th. This will be followed by a discussion about the health issues facing teenagers and the rules of the game jam. The game jam will conclude 5PM on Sunday, June 22nd with prizes and awards for the winning games.

For more information on the Game Jam and to register, visit stopTDV.com (English) or te-st.ru (Russian).

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