Microsoft: Xbox 360 Owners Deserve More Games

Xbox head Phil Spencer says Microsoft will continue to create and release more games for the last-generation Xbox 360 because it is "obligated to support Xbox 360" for the remainder of its life cycle.

In an E3 interview with UK publication Metro, Spencer attempted to explain why the company isn't dropping all of its efforts to focus exclusively on boosting Xbox One's first-party lineup of games.

"If you bought your Xbox 360 a year and a half ago, I think we have an obligation there," Spencer said. "We're going to sell millions more Xbox 360s before this generation is done and when people make a £100+ commitment to us, they're gonna come in and buy an Xbox 360, I want to make sure that there's content for them."

Spencer goes on to acknowledge that investing in the new generation of hardware is important, but also said that "not everyone has bought an Xbox One yet." He thinks abandoning those consumers with last-generation hardware would be a bad move.

Spencer also said that having a strong first-party line-up is a good way to encourage third-party developers to continue to compete on the system.

"For a third party this is the nice part of the curve for the last generation, because you've got millions of people out there and they want to sell content that these people will buy," Spencer said. "They also want to kickstart the new generation successfully, so you'll see a lot of them doing a little bit of both."

Source: CVG

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    Sora-Chan says:

    To be fair, the hardware architecture is different between the 360 and one enough to cause backwards compatibility issues.

    Whether or not the switch to the x64 architecture had to do with anything sort of decision of preventing backwards compatibility… I would say it was more along the lines of trying to save money. When both Microsoft and Sony built their consoles, they used PC tech to cut corners. Who knows, maybe they wanted in on the processing power that PCs provided, without giving the ability to upgrade the hardware. On the bright side, it gives developers one less excuse to not port to PC.

    Also, don't get me wrong, I totally get where you're coming from in terms of backwards compatibility. I never ended up getting a PS3, because I wanted to replace my PS2. And, yeah, I sorta regret never getting one over that little issue, since I've yet to have had the chance to play games like LBP and Journey. All because I wanted a PS3 with PS2 compatibility… without having to buy a first gen for an arm and a leg.

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    Monte says:

    The 360 would get more games if they didn't move on so quick to the next generation. I mean does anyone really believe that the best developers will keep making games for the 360 instead of moving on to the next systems?

    And now we can see the real reason they left out backwards playability… they want to milk more money out of the 360. They actually want to keep selling 360's even though there is a whole new generation of consoles out. ofcourse if they did include backwards compatibly that would have given non-360 owners more reason to get an Xbone… honestly one of the main reasons i'm seriously considering getting a Wii U is the fact that i didn't get a wii.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Left unspoken – "the Xbox One is costing us a LOT of money, and since Xbox as a brand has been on the corporate chopping block for a while, this will hopefully keep me employed for a little while longer."

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