Microsoft: Xbox 360 Owners Deserve More Games

Xbox head Phil Spencer says Microsoft will continue to create and release more games for the last-generation Xbox 360 because it is "obligated to support Xbox 360" for the remainder of its life cycle.

In an E3 interview with UK publication Metro, Spencer attempted to explain why the company isn't dropping all of its efforts to focus exclusively on boosting Xbox One's first-party lineup of games.

"If you bought your Xbox 360 a year and a half ago, I think we have an obligation there," Spencer said. "We're going to sell millions more Xbox 360s before this generation is done and when people make a £100+ commitment to us, they're gonna come in and buy an Xbox 360, I want to make sure that there's content for them."

Spencer goes on to acknowledge that investing in the new generation of hardware is important, but also said that "not everyone has bought an Xbox One yet." He thinks abandoning those consumers with last-generation hardware would be a bad move.

Spencer also said that having a strong first-party line-up is a good way to encourage third-party developers to continue to compete on the system.

"For a third party this is the nice part of the curve for the last generation, because you've got millions of people out there and they want to sell content that these people will buy," Spencer said. "They also want to kickstart the new generation successfully, so you'll see a lot of them doing a little bit of both."

Source: CVG

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