Nintendo Releases Four Wii U Student-Created Games For Free in Japan

Nintendo has made four student games available for free on Wii U eShop in Japan. All of the games were built by teams of students in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

They are Poppo Hunter, a hunting game developed by "Tokyo’s Team A" involving a pigeon named Popoda who is looking for a wife; Hissatsu! Center Heroes, a game developed by "Tokyo’s Team B" where players try to be the center of attention of a photographer; Shima Nagame, a game developed by "Osaka’s Team X" where players help inhabitants (called Cloud-kun) of an island find stuff from a bird's eye view perspective; and Sentō Danchi, a game created by "Osaka Team Y" where players help construct a base and protect a space craft from alien invaders.

Nintendo World Report has videos from each game here.

Nintendo has held the competition that created these games – the Nintendo Game Seminar – since 2006. These four games are the results of the 2013 competition.

Hopefully (but highly unlikely given Nintendo's fondness for regional releases) Nintendo will make these interesting and free games available to European and North American Wii U users.

Source: Destructoid

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