Rockstar Apologizes for Delay on 'Heists' GTA Online Mode

June 19, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Rockstar has apologized for the ongoing delays to heists mode for GTA Online, which was once scheduled to be released in the Spring. The feature allows players to team up to tackle some of the gameplay found in Grand Theft Auto 5's single-player campaign.

"We know many fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Online Heists that we had planned to release for you this spring, and they are taking more time to create than originally anticipated," Rockstar explained in a comment on the company's official blog.

"We are very sorry for the delay, and are working hard to bring them to you as soon as we can. Please know that we are focused as always on making the best possible content for you to play and we are thankful to all of you for your patience, understanding and support."

Rockstar did not reveal when the online Heist mode would be released at the time of this writing.

We'll have more on this story as information becomes available.

Source: Eurogamer


Re: Rockstar Apologizes for Delay on 'Heists' GTA Online Mode

I remember when Take Two's stock was devalued because Rockstar took to long developing Grand Theft Auto V. Let's be honest sometimes shareholders get it wrong when it expects products to be rush released. Anyone owning shares of Take Two after GTA5's five release should know that staying with them though there products take longer to be release they bring an significant return. Rockstar is a studio we can trust and we can have faith in.
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