EA Reveals ‘Game Time’ Promotion, Offers ‘Titanfall’ for 48 Hours

EA today announced a new Origin program that gives players limited time with a full game called "Game Time." The promotion gives gamers early access to games for a limited amount of time to play as much of a full game in the promotion as they want. The new program will launch with a free weekend for Titanfall on PC.

Titanfall will be available for 48 hours in-game; that means that the minute you start playing the clock is ticking away at your time. If you ultimately decide that you like Titanfall, you can buy the full game afterwards and pick up where you left off because all of your progress will be saved.

Titanfall will appear on Origin's free games page when it's available in various region, so keep an eye on the page for when it hits your region. Find out more by visiting www.origin.com.

This latest program joins EA's other Origin free games promotion, "On The House," which gives away a select free game every month – with no strings besides requiring the use of its Origin client…

Source: Shacknews

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