Le Game Jam Kicks Off July 2

Le Game Jam hopes to produce an awesome game based on the upcoming Tour de France event next month. Indie game developers taking part in the game jam have just 48 hours to create a Tour de France-themed video game at a unique joint event in Leeds and Sheffield, England before the great race next month. Teams from Leeds Metropolitan and Sheffield Hallam universities will be among those competing.

The event is sponsored by Autodesk, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Sumo Digital, Jagex and Dubit Ltd, and will launch on July 2. The winning entry will be chosen by a panel of industry experts and a live audience vote at The Carriageworks in Leeds on July 4.

The Sheffield event is from July 3 – 5 at the English Institute of Sport.

"This is going to be a great event," said organizer and managing director of Game Republic Jamie Sefton. "Not only are the developers going to be against the clock, which is a huge challenge in itself, but we will be assessing competitors against their interpretation of the brief. So it’s also a test of creativity and imagination to create a fun prize-winning game."

"We’re providing a platform for promoting new industry talent, encouraging collaboration and ultimately raising the profile of the UK games industry, which contributes almost £950m to the national economy and employs some 9,000 people. Hopefully the event will also encourage people to find out about a career in games."

You can find out more about the event, including how to get tickets, by visiting this link.

Source: Sheffield Telegraph

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