Xbox One More Popular on Social Media Than PS4 State-by-State

Forget about retail sales – which current console from Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo is the most popular on social media state-by-state? According to real estate blog Movoto, Microsoft's Xbox One is the most popular based on data culled from Facebook "likes" by state.

Around 22 states had a larger fan count for the Xbox One, compared to the PS4’s 19 states. Not one state went for the Wii U.

While the Xbox One was more popular on the coasts, the PS4 was more popular in America's heartland.

Movoto has a more in-depth break-down of the data – including details on which states "tied" here.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    What this doesn’t tell us if this this anti Xbox talk on social media. Yeah the Microsoft / Bioware incident with Adam Orth well talking about customers with a Bioware rep (go figure) and after that I bet social media lit up about the Xbox One as well but not in a good way.

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    PHX Corp says:

    This is kind of why I don't take sides in the Console Wars (My birth state(NJ) is for the Xbox one, while My home state(PA) is for the PS4) as it is beneficial to support 3 platforms instead on 1(Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft for their exclusives. 3rd party games that are non exclusive to consoles(and does not take a chunk of my HDD Space) will be on PC)

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    Hevach says:

    This might be meaningful if you couldn't just buy likes and followers from most internet marketing firms, which casts doubt on both company's numbers.

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