EA Looking Into Possible ‘False’ Bans in Battlefield 3

Oops. It looks like some Battlefield 3 players may have been banned by accident due anti-cheat multiplayer software Punkbuster. EA issued a very brief statement about the subject today:

"We are investigating an issue of Punkbuster bans that were incorrectly applied to some of our players. Please understand that our game advisors are not able to access or overturn Punkbuster bans, but we're working with our partners at Even Balance to get this resolved as quickly as possible."

The release goes on to offer those who think they may have been banned incorrectly a place to appeal it. If this has happened to you, you can appeal the ban here.

Punkbuster is anti-cheating software for multiplayer developed and managed by Even Balance. EA uses the middleware for its Battlefield series of games – including the upcoming Battlefield Hardline.

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