Cloud Imperium Raises Over $47 Million for ‘Star Citizen’ To-Date

Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium have managed to raise $47 million in crowdfunding for the ongoing development of the space simulation game Star Citizen. The money raised to date comes from the initial Kickstarter campaign (which raised over $2.1 million), crowd-funding via the game's offical site, and through sales of specific ships and items for the game. Cloud Imperium has raised a total of $47,064,401 at the time of writing.

By crossing the $47 million mark, the latest player-voted addition to the game has been 'unlocked'. The Engine Tuning Kit will be made available to players, allowing them to tinker with their ship's stats. Earlier in the month Star Citizen's dogfighting-focused Arena Commander module was made available for all the game's backers. The update is most backers' first chance to try Star Citizen's space flight and combat in action.

You can learn more about the game by visiting Star Citizen is the most successful crowd-funding effort to date.

Source: CVG

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