Report: Crytek UK Departures Could Put Homefront: The Revolution Development in Jeopardy

A new report from Eurogamer notes that the recent series of staff departures may put the ongoing development of the sequel to Homefront in serious jeopardy. Yesterday Kotaku reported that Free Radical Design co-founder Karl Hilton had left his role at Crytek UK as managing director. Company records "seen" by Eurogamer show that he left Crytek UK on May 28.

Another source speaking to Eurogamer also says that the studio is seeing a high employee turnover rate – the result of late payments/paychecks at the studio. A number of former Crytek UK employees have been hired by Star Citizen maker Cloud Imperium Games, according to Eurogamer. Star Citizen is being developed using Crytek's CryEngine, so it isn't a stretch that these employees would be hired for their expertise in using the tools made by Crytek.

The departure of staff seems to be related to late pay. According to one Crytek UK source, staff first noticed problems last year when bonuses were withheld. Another source tells Eurogamer that Crytek UK staff were each paid £600 one month then £700 the next because of the problems. The general atmosphere at the studio is a feeling of being "lost" and a "lack of trust in management, says Eurogamer.

Finally Eurogamer claims that at least 30 staff members have left the company since it began working on Homefront: The Revolution. Crytek bought the IP from THQ after the publisher went bankrupt and Free Radical (which is now Crytek UK) was spearheading the development.

Crytek has not publicly commented on this latest round of rumors, nor has Homefront: The Revolution publisher Deep Silver.

Homefront: The Revolution is tentatively scheduled for a release in 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer

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