Steam Hits 8 Million Concurrent Users During Summer Sale

June 30, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Steam has broken the 8 million concurrent users milestone for the first time in its history - thanks mostly to its popular summer sale. On Sunday evening over 8 million gamers were using the service at the same time as the Steam Summer Sale began to wind down.

The last milestone for concurrent users on Steam - according to its stats page was around 7.5 million, which occurred over Christmas 2013. The new record high of 8,020,834 was recorded at 16:03 PDT on Sunday June 29.

The Steam Summer Sale ends at 10am PDT today.

At the Steam Dev Days conference in January 2014, Valve announced that Steam had reached a milestone of more than 75 million active users, up 10 million since its previous report in October 2013.

Source: NeoGAF by way of CVG


Re: Steam Hits 8 Million Concurrent Users During Summer Sale

A number of records were broken during the sale I'd wager, not just this one.

I know for a fact that OVERKILL's Payday 2 had a record setting day of just over 61,000 people on at once, where normally I only see 20,000 on a good day (there's a little counter in the upper left corner of the heist selection screen that tells you how many are online).

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