Ouya ‘All Access Pass’ Sells Out Quickly

Android-based micro console maker Ouya has launched an All Access Pass scheme this week, offering those who signed up access to 800+ games for a 12 month period. The "one-time buy" plan costs $59.99. The offer is apparently a big success because it was limited in nature and has already sold out. According to Cnet, the Ouya All-Access Pass only applies to single transactions under $30, including most complete games and DLC, but excludes micro-transactions and similar revenue streams. Ouya says that this plan was a "one-time purchase" and not a subscription.

In a statement issued to the press, Ouya said that while this first run of the offer may be limited, consumer response could lead the company to instituting something more permanent that all Ouya owners could take advantage of in the future.

"It's just one of many things we're exploring to give players the best value, and developers the best visibility. Results of this test will dictate if/how we proceed with an official subscription program."

While Ouya has struggled a bit since its highly successful Kickstarter funding, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman said recently that that the platform's focus on gaming will be what sustains it against the onslaught of micro consoles from companies like Mad Catz, Nvidia, Amazon, and others. The company also announced plans earlier this year to embed its technology into other hardware in the future.

Source: GII

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