Small Number of Ouya Devs Upset Over Handling of ‘All Access Pass’

While the Ouya "All-Access" pass might have delighted owners of the Android-powered micro-console, some developers were not happy about the promotion. The company unveiled the All-Access Pass which for a one-off payment of $59.99 granted users access to over 800 games available for the platform for a 12 month period.

Ouya stressed that this deal was not an annual subscription, but a one-time non-refundable payment. Once purchased the vast majority of Ouya shop content was marked down to $0.00. The deal applied to games priced at under $30 and does not cover in-app purchases. The company also said that it reserves the right to disqualify games or customers that it believes are "abusing the system during the duration of this program."

But the controversy surrounding the promotion – which was limited in scope and has already sold out – is that the people at Ouya didn't bother to talk to the content creators whose content it was handing over for $0.00. Developers who spoke about it publicly were not happy that they were automatically opted into the program without being offered a choice and that the promotion was never discussed with them prior to it launching.

For what it is worth, – as Gamasutra points out – developers will still receive their regular 70 percent of the full sale price for games that are downloaded under the plan.

Source: MCV

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