Amazon Refuses to Settle With FTC Over In-App Purchases

Amazon is refusing to comply with a Federal Trade Commission settlement plan related to in-app purchases. Apple settled for $32.5 million in refunds to parents who claim they were billed for games and in-app content their children were playing on their mobile or tablet devices without their express consent. Apple was also ordered to change its billing practices to make sure that in-app purchases require consent from parents or device owners before transactions could be completed. But Amazon has refused a similar settlement, and in a letter sent to the FTC this week and released to the general public, the company said that it will fight the FTC in court before it pays out.

"We have continuously improved our experience since launch," Amazon associate general counsel Andrew C. DeVore told the FTC in a letter, "but even at launch when customers told us their kids had made purchases they didn't want we refunded those purchases."

"In-app purchasing was and remains a new and rapidly evolving segment, and we have consistently improved the customer experience in response to data," the company continued.

"That constant iteration on behalf of customers has produced not only an in-app purchasing experience that already meets the requirements of the Apple consent order, but the development of the industry-leading parental controls like Kindle Free Time. We believe the Commission should promote that kind of iteration on behalf of customers."

You can read Amazon's letter to the FTV here (PDF).

Source: CVG

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