Happy Fourth of July!

On behalf of the ECA, GamePolitics, and my good friends Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight, I wish you a happy and safe Independence Day. We'll be busy today grilling meat, drinking tasty beverages, watching parades, spending time with family, watching fireworks, playing games or watching cat videos today, but we'll be back on Monday with bells on.

We hope you'll do something fun today and – if you are old enough to have a job – that your employer gave you the day off.

To all of our friends outside the United States, enjoy your Friday!

– James Fudge, Managing Editor – GamePolitics.

PS: Vince Desi over at Running With Scissors (makers of Postal, the "go to" games for politicians who are extremely out of touch with gaming in general) has an interesting but short blog post on being an independent developer and honoring those who make the hard sacrifices so we can be free. To add to what he says, we can honor those who serve, without necessarily agreeing with the mission our government has sent them on. You can check out Vince's short blog post here.

"July 4 Balloons in the national colors of the USA flag" illustration © 2014 Solvod, provided by Shutterstock.

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