More Crowdfunding and Pre-Order Launches for ‘Mighty No. 9’

After Japanese developer Comcept successfully funded Mighty No. 9 on Kickstarter to the tune of around $3.8 million from over 70,000 backers, one would think the studio would be focusing on the development of said side-scrolling platformer inspired by Mega Man.

But apparently the studio has launched a second crowd-funding campaign through PayPal on its website to funded additional content. Comcept said that it decided to launch a second crowd-funding round based on feedback from its legion of fans.

As of this writing there is only one stretch goal announced: full English voice acting for $100,000. To coincide with the announcement of more crowd-funding efforts, Comcept has also opened up pre-orders for the game.

You can pre-order a digital copy of the game for $23. There is also a digital copy plus the digital reward bundle, which includes a digital retro-style manual, digital art book, strategy guide and soundtrack, for $50. There's also an $80 version, which includes the digital copy, the digital reward bundle and Steam Early Access.

Comcept says that the money raised through pre-orders does not go towards the bonus content stretch goal.

Finally, Comcept revealed that a Mighty No. 9 animated series is in the planning stages, though it also requires funding, which will be done separately through Digital Frontier, the production company working on the series.

In a video message (to your left) creator Keiji Inafune said development on the game had progressed smoothly, and that funding already raised will "take care of the present game." With the additional funding, "we can make the game evolve even further," he adds.

"We don't want the Mighty No. 9 project to end with the game alone," he said. "We want the game to be part of something greater we deliver on a global scale."

"We feel this is something we can do with even more support from the fans."

Mighty No. 9 is due out April 2015. You can learn more about the game here.

Source: Eurogamer

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