Report: Western Australian Amendment Meddles With R18+ Rating

On January 1, Australia finally and officially implemented an R18+ classification for games – something the government took a very long time to put in place. The goal of the rating was to allow games rated "Mature" elsewhere in the world to have a similar rating in Australia.

Prior to the launch of R18+, games could only be rated as high as MA15+, and if they contained content outside that ratings qualification developers and publishers faced a product ban or would have to modify content so it could be released with that rating in the Australian market. With the launch of R18+, games with mature content can be released in the country without having to be modified, while still providing parents with a guideline for content that might be inappropriate for their children.

But a new amendment to the Classification Enforcement Act to ban the sale of R18-classified games is being proposed in Western Australia, according to this report.

The amendment was made by The Western Australian Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People in a new "Sexualization of Children" report.

"While the impact of sexualization on children is difficult to quantitatively measure, and to distinguish from other influences in their lives, this does not mean that the issue should not be addressed," the committee wrote in its report. "The Committee is equally aware that what is seen as a priority issue that needs substantive action by some members of society may be seen by others as normal experimentation or fun.”

This amendment offers some pretty murky language too; for example, it would make it a crime to sell or supply a R18+ games to a minor – or even the parents or guardians of a minor.

The report is being examined and considered by Western Australia's Attorney General Michael Mischin. He expected to offer his findings on it and the issue "soon."

You can read the full report here (PDF).

Thanks to Cheater87 for the tip.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    You know what, just ban games of all ratings continent wide. They're still carrying on exactly as before so they may as well make it easier on themselves. In fact, just go full isolationism since ou need to protect the children from everything.


    Seriously, the country is full of creatures that can kill you with a glance yet video games are what kids need protection from.

  2. 0
    hellfire7885 says:

    Nah, they may as well lock the helmets on the kid's heads using a special kind of key only the government can get and the helmet should only be removed once outgrown only to be replaced with a more cumbersome one.

    In fact let's just put them in safety pods so they can't get hurt at all, they can't play or do any real living or learning or even be free, but they'll be safe.

  3. 0
    Kajex says:

    While the impact of sexualization on children is difficult to quantitatively measure, and to distinguish from other influences in their lives

    Fuck, if they can't tell what is or isn't screwing kids over, why not just ban anything?

    In fact, have their government warn parents to bring helmets should they ever vacation in the States so they can visit Disneyland- it's the same kind of needless paranoia.

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