Ken Levine: ‘BioShock Infinite’ Is Not Coming to PS Vita

People have been talking about the possibility of a PS Vita version of BioShock Infinite for awhile, and while there was some hope in the past that Sony and 2K Games would make it happen, Irrational Games founder and series creator Ken Levine finally delivered the closing statement on the issue today on Twitter.

Levine, whose Irrational Games Studio was shut down in favor of operating a smaller studio under the auspices of 2K Games earlier this year, said that Sony and 2K Games just couldn't put a deal together for the latest BioShock game.

Hopefully Levine's comment will finally put the rumors of BioShock Infinite ever coming to the PS Vita going forward to bed.

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    GrimCW says:

    Sad but true. TBH though I put just as much of the blame on sony. 

    They're so cought up in anti piracy crap that they've gimped the system big time, and then they're STILL not bothering to work deals for third party titles and blowing it off as if its a failing of someone else.

    They aren't even trying at this point IMO, if anything they're trying to kill it for some reason…

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    IanC says:

    I dont think the Vita can handle Unreal Engine 3 games very well. Its poorly optmized, and Epic dont care about doing any optimizing. I mean if an iphone from a few years ago can handle Unreal Engine 3, a Vita should be able to. But it cant, at least without problems with framerates and sometimes massively reduced graphics.

    Its a shame, since the Vita can handle games that are near console quality if they are properly ported… 

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