Gaming with Sleep Apnea

ECA Community Manager, prolific podcaster, and all around nice guy Jose Betancourt has a very important episode of his show, The Post Game Report. On the show Jose talks about how sleep apnea affected his life prior to getting it treated. Over the years he described feeling run-down – a feeling he attributed to too much work, schooling, podcasting, and working – and not getting enough sleep.

It turns out that the main reason he felt tired and crummy even after 8 hours of sleep is because he was suffering from sleep apnea. After getting the proper treatment he feels a whole lot better than he used to.

So why is this important? Because not everyone knows that they are suffering from this condition – a condition where you literally stop breathing while you are sleeping.

You can watch the entire episode of the show to your left. If you don't feel good every day, you might want to check out this video to learn if you might are suffering from symptoms commonly associated with sleep apnea. If you are, getting help from a doctor will make you have a better life.

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