Report: 85 Percent of 'Top-Grossing' Mobile Apps Are Games

July 9, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

According to a study highlighted in The Guardian, 85 percent of the top 50 grossing apps on Apple and Android stores across the world are games. The data comes from Midia Research, and shows that 84.9 percent of the 700 apps covered by the study were games, with the next nearest category being social networking and only accounting for around 4.1 percent.

"The app economy is, for now at least, a games economy," the report concludes.

Midia's research also shows a trend towards consolidation in the apps market; out of the 700 surveyed apps on Android and Apple, just 50 companies were responsible for 81 percent, and 61 percent were developed by companies in the US, Sweden and Japan.

You can read more about it here.

Source: GII

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